Clearklens Cleansinald RTU VH9S 4x5L - Flüssiges, gebrauchsfertiges Desinfektionsmittel mit WFI

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ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU is a sterile ready to use surface disinfectant for pharmaceutical cleanrooms.      ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU is a ready to use blend of quaternary ammonium and alkyl amines diluted to 0.5% v/v with Water for Injection (WFI). ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU is used for cleaning
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ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU is a sterile ready to use surface disinfectant for pharmaceutical cleanrooms. 
  • ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU is a ready to use blend of quaternary ammonium and alkyl amines diluted to 0.5% v/v with Water for Injection (WFI).
  • ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU is used for cleaning and disinfection of walls, floors, work surfaces and process equipment in pharmaceutical industry.
  • ClearKlens Cleansinald concentrate is diluted at 0.5% with water for injection (WFI), according to the European Pharmacopeia, and then filtered at 0.22 um.
  • ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU packaging is terminally sterilised prior to filling and the finished product is double bagged and provided with a certificate of sterility.
  • Ready to use
  • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Low toxicity
  • 0.2um filtered
  • Double bagged for transfer into the cleanroom
  • Delivered with conformity certificates

  • ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU is a ready to use blend of quaternary ammonium and alkyl amines diluted to 0.5% v/v with Water for Injection (WFI).
  • ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU is used for cleaning and disinfection of walls, floors, work surfaces and process equipment in pharmaceutical industry.
  • ClearKlens Cleansinald concentrate is diluted at 0.5% with water for injection (WFI), according to the European Pharmacopeia, and then filtered at 0.22 um.
  • ClearKlens Cleansinald RTU packaging is terminally sterilised prior to filling and the finished product is double bagged and provided with a certificate of sterility.
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