Divosan BG 900L - Flüssiger, saurer Desinfektionsreiniger

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Divosan BG is a concentrated acidic descaling disinfectant for CIP and spray wash applications in the dairy and processed food industries.     • Divosan BG has low foam characteristics making the product ideal for CIP use.• Divosan BG is highly effective at removing inorganic scale deposits,
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Divosan BG is a concentrated acidic descaling disinfectant for CIP and spray wash applications in the dairy and processed food industries. 
 • Divosan BG has low foam characteristics making the product ideal for CIP use.• Divosan BG is highly effective at removing inorganic scale deposits, including calcium phosphate.• Divosan BG can reduce the number of steps required by combining descaling and disinfection.• Divosan BG solutions can be reclaimed and reused.• Divosan BG is effective against a wide range of spoilage organisms.• Divosan BG has free rinsing characteristics reducing rinsing time.• Divosan BG concentrations can be measured by conductivity.• Divosan BG is highly economical.• Divosan BG is free of oxidising halogens, no AOX or halide related corrosion.• Divosan BG is free of phosphate and is fully biodegradable.

• Divosan BG has low foam characteristics making the product ideal for CIP use. • Divosan BG is highly effective at removing inorganic scale deposits, including calcium phosphate. • Divosan BG can reduce the number of steps required by combining descaling and disinfection. • Divosan BG solutions can be reclaimed and reused. • Divosan BG is effective against a wide range of spoilage organisms. • Divosan BG has free rinsing characteristics reducing rinsing time. • Divosan BG concentrations can be measured by conductivity. • Divosan BG is highly economical. • Divosan BG is free of oxidising halogens, no AOX or halide related corrosion. • Divosan BG is free of phosphate and is fully biodegradable.
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