Divosan CD 7,5 VW2 200L - Alkalische Grundkomponente zur Chlordioxid-Herstellung

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Divosan CD 7.5 was developed for the production of chlorine dioxide. Divosan CD 7.5 can only be used safely in combination with component Divoact H-9 using the Divosan CD-generator.     • Using Divosan CD 7.5 and Divoact H-9 enables the efficient and safe generation of chlorine dioxide using the
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Divosan CD 7.5 was developed for the production of chlorine dioxide. Divosan CD 7.5 can only be used safely in combination with component Divoact H-9 using the Divosan CD-generator. 
 • Using Divosan CD 7.5 and Divoact H-9 enables the efficient and safe generation of chlorine dioxide using the Divosan CD-generator.• Divosan CD 7.5 should be used for chlorine dioxide generation.• Chlorine dioxide can be used to disinfect drinking water (the Drinking Water Regulation), for the microbiological stabilization of process/cooling water systems, for treatment in the final rinse stages of bottle washing machines, for Pasteur treatment and for cooling, vapor, water and waste water disinfection.

• Using Divosan CD 7.5 and Divoact H-9 enables the efficient and safe generation of chlorine dioxide using the Divosan CD-generator. • Divosan CD 7.5 should be used for chlorine dioxide generation. • Chlorine dioxide can be used to disinfect drinking water (the Drinking Water Regulation), for the microbiological stabilization of process/cooling water systems, for treatment in the final rinse stages of bottle washing machines, for Pasteur treatment and for cooling, vapor, water and waste water disinfection.
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