Divosan QC VT50 20L

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Divosan QC is a terminal disinfectant specially formulated for open plant cleaning applications throughout the food, beverage and dairy industries.     • Divosan QC is a general-purpose disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compound (QAC). It provides excellent disinfectant activity against most
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Divosan QC is a terminal disinfectant specially formulated for open plant cleaning applications throughout the food, beverage and dairy industries. 
 • Divosan QC is a general-purpose disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compound (QAC). It provides excellent disinfectant activity against most vegetative forms of micro-organisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and yeasts.• Divosan QC is recommended for application in all open plant cleaning processes. It should be applied after surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. It can be used for disinfecting floors, walls, utensils and other food preparation equipment and is suitable for use in meat and poultry processors, snack foods, dairies, beverage plants and most other types of food processing operations.• Divosan QC is suitable for manual, soak or spray application and for fogging use.• Divosan QC is also used in CIP as additive to acid or caustic products.

• Divosan QC is a general-purpose disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compound (QAC). It provides excellent disinfectant activity against most vegetative forms of micro-organisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and yeasts. • Divosan QC is recommended for application in all open plant cleaning processes. It should be applied after surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. It can be used for disinfecting floors, walls, utensils and other food preparation equipment and is suitable for use in meat and poultry processors, snack foods, dairies, beverage plants and most other types of food processing operations. • Divosan QC is suitable for manual, soak or spray application and for fogging use. • Divosan QC is also used in CIP as additive to acid or caustic products.
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