TASKI swingo 755 B Power Lithium Ion 1Stk. - 100 Ah - Scheuersaugmaschine für 17'' Bürste/Pad, für kleine und mittlere Flächen. Inkl. 7523906 externes Ladegerät, 2x 7524716 50Ah Li-Ion Batterie und passende Umrüstsätze für die Batterie. Schnellladen möglich. Treibteller und Bürsten sind nicht inkludiert.

Artikel-Nr. 7524749
Combines agility with high performance, the dual-axle system allows for turning the machine literally on the spot, which leads to excellent manoeuvrability in tightly congested areas.All components needing frequent maintenance are colour-coded yellow and can be removed easily without tools.The
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Combines agility with high performance, the dual-axle system allows for turning the machine literally on the spot, which leads to excellent manoeuvrability in tightly congested areas.All components needing frequent maintenance are colour-coded yellow and can be removed easily without tools.The patented brush follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width, which leads to excellent soil removal.11 gallon (40 litre) tank volume reduces the time-consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation.New, patented V-shaped squeegee enables excellent water pick-up on the floor.

Combines agility with high performance, the dual-axle system allows for turning the machine literally on the spot, which leads to excellent manoeuvrability in tightly congested areas. All components needing frequent maintenance are colour-coded yellow and can be removed easily without tools. The patented brush follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width, which leads to excellent soil removal. 11 gallon (40 litre) tank volume reduces the time-consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation. New, patented V-shaped squeegee enables excellent water pick-up on the floor.

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