Twister Pad - Red 2Stk. - 6 3/4'' / 17,5 cm - Rot

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Red Twister pads are for deep cleaning and top-scrubbing of very dull and worn floors and preparation for any upgrade procedure.     Clean and protect the floor without the need for deep cleaning chemicals and polymers.Excellent cleaning performance whilst maintaining the floor gloss.Extremely
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Red Twister pads are for deep cleaning and top-scrubbing of very dull and worn floors and preparation for any upgrade procedure. 
 Clean and protect the floor without the need for deep cleaning chemicals and polymers.Excellent cleaning performance whilst maintaining the floor gloss.Extremely durable and have a long lifespan.Cost efficient alternative to traditional methods.

Clean and protect the floor without the need for deep cleaning chemicals and polymers. Excellent cleaning performance whilst maintaining the floor gloss. Extremely durable and have a long lifespan. Cost efficient alternative to traditional methods.

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