Ultraclean VK3 200L - Flüssiger Allzweckreiniger für manuelle Anwendungen

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Ultraclean is a general-purpose liquid detergent designed for manual cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries.     • Ultraclean is a mildly alkaline product containing an optimised blend of sequestrants, wetting agents and emulsifiers. Its powerful formulation is particularly
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Ultraclean is a general-purpose liquid detergent designed for manual cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries. 
 • Ultraclean is a mildly alkaline product containing an optimised blend of sequestrants, wetting agents and emulsifiers. Its powerful formulation is particularly effective for the removal of animal and vegetable based fats and proteinaceous soil from floors, walls and all food preparation surfaces. It is also recommended for external cleaning of processing plant and for vehicle cleaning.• Ultraclean is a moderate-low foaming product and is suitable for application by hand or using a floor automat or low pressure cleaning equipment.

• Ultraclean is a mildly alkaline product containing an optimised blend of sequestrants, wetting agents and emulsifiers. Its powerful formulation is particularly effective for the removal of animal and vegetable based fats and proteinaceous soil from floors, walls and all food preparation surfaces. It is also recommended for external cleaning of processing plant and for vehicle cleaning. • Ultraclean is a moderate-low foaming product and is suitable for application by hand or using a floor automat or low pressure cleaning equipment.
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