Voldar VC98 20kg - Hochwirksamer alkalischer Reiniger zur Entfernung organischer Verschmutzungen

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Voldar is a defoamed, heavy duty caustic based, oxidising detergent powder, suitable for hard water. Voldar can be used for a wide range of applications across all food and beverage industries.     • Voldar is a highly active caustic based oxidising detergent, with low foaming properties and
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Voldar is a defoamed, heavy duty caustic based, oxidising detergent powder, suitable for hard water. Voldar can be used for a wide range of applications across all food and beverage industries. 
 • Voldar is a highly active caustic based oxidising detergent, with low foaming properties and suitable for use in hard water.• Voldar is highly effective at removing a wide range of organic soils and preventing scale build up.• Voldar is a powder and is highly cost effective for manual dosing in dairy applications, where automatic liquid dosed CIP installations do not exist.• Voldar can be used in meat, fish and delicatessen processing, for the removal of starch, fat and protein residues/layers.• Voldar can also be used in beverage applications, e.g. cleaning of stainless steel heat exchangers in breweries and also the removal of protein, yeast and trub residues, beer and wort extracts.• Voldar can also be used for fruit and vegetable cleaning applications where both inorganic and organic soil removal is important.

• Voldar is a highly active caustic based oxidising detergent, with low foaming properties and suitable for use in hard water. • Voldar is highly effective at removing a wide range of organic soils and preventing scale build up. • Voldar is a powder and is highly cost effective for manual dosing in dairy applications, where automatic liquid dosed CIP installations do not exist. • Voldar can be used in meat, fish and delicatessen processing, for the removal of starch, fat and protein residues/layers. • Voldar can also be used in beverage applications, e.g. cleaning of stainless steel heat exchangers in breweries and also the removal of protein, yeast and trub residues, beer and wort extracts. • Voldar can also be used for fruit and vegetable cleaning applications where both inorganic and organic soil removal is important.
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